1. Ray of Hope

Agency: Leo Burnett Singapore

f62c0491473a3641a6182cf51bfeeead 585c20e7eecea3cce1c8aca35a6a1ebd 2d0f899a95d0462a362b5bd121d10249

“Get to us before he/ she gets you. Let Ray of Hope help you fight problem gambling.”

Using pastiche on the existing characters on playing cards such as King, Queen and Jack. These characters attack and wired (phone). Colours are dark, characters are grungy and detailed. They also hold weapons to symbolize they are ready to attack. So the message is to ask people with an addiction to contact them and ask for help.


2. Victorian State Government

Issues with pokie machines. Another creative ad pointing to a serious social issue that gambling affects on social life.

Again, using characters that are involved in gambling to encourage people to gamble.

Victorian State Government Pokie machine,Another creative ad pointing to a serious social issue THAT gambling affects on social life.


3. GamCare Organization UK

“Gambling is as addictive as class A drugs. Get help at”

Using substitution as a way to communicate that gambling is exactly like drugs (use of small resealable plastic bags) to package the gambling elements (playing cards, chips and dice). Plain green background, as a reference to tables used for gambling in the casino or bars, and other gambling places.

10_cardfinal 10_chipsfinal 10_dicefinal


4. Melissa Cooke

Cooke’s drawings are made by dusting thin layers of graphite onto paper with a dry brush.  The softness of the graphite provides a smooth surface that can be augmented by erasing in details and textures.  No pencils are used in the work, allowing the surface to glow without the shine of heavy pencil marks.  Illusion dissolves into brush work and the honesty of the material.

The scale of the drawings demands a physical interaction with the work.  Cooke traverses a path, back and forth, first to work intimately with the surface and then to see the piece from a distance.  This dance with her drawing has become a ritual, and ultimately, a release.

Better Than I Know Myself Mustache Web Melissa Cooke CryingWeb SurfacedCrested



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