Styles for inspiration

These vimeos are by Headless. I can see my illustration in this sort of style. I may possibly look for other styles too that would suit my personal style and target audience.

Paintings by Caia Koopman was born in California and has emerged as one of lowbrow’s preeminent female artists. With a well-rounded background from her years spent obtaining her BA in Fine arts from UC Santa Cruz, to her time spent in the skateboarding and snowboarding scenes, Caia’s environment has both molded and provided an eclectic background that makes her paintings come to life. With her fine detail for beauty, inclinations toward nature, and collectiveness of the female spirit, Caia has quickly become one of the quintessential artists fully encompassing the elegance, strengths, and vulnerabilities of femininity.

Tatiana Kazakova is an illustrator and artist based in Moscow, Russia who works on digital art and illustrations. Tatiana mixes animals, elephant, fishes, birds, with mystical trees cactus and flowers in wonderful landscape, creating a whimsy effect with great details.

Hikari Shimoda is an artist from Nagano, Japan. Shimoda studied in Kyoto Saga University of Art, A.F.A. She uses her paintings to release all her built up unverbalized emotions. Shimoda’s intension is letting people in this world to have a moment to contemplate about themselves.

Evan Raditya Pratomo is a passionate children and storybook illustrator who has created his own illustration studio – papercaptain in Surabaya, Indonesia. His style is a combination between classic fairytale and children art style.

Other children’s books

Vegan is Love. Illustrated by Ruby Roth

The Carnival of the Animals. Illustrated by Jack Prelutsky

Illustration by Melody Lea Lamb

Illustration by Melody Lea Lamb




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